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1- person inflatable dinghy in the knapsack -
Windy without floorboards

inflatable dinghy Windy without slats
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Inflatable dinghy Windy

Technical Data

Ext./Int. Length, m 2,08/1,38
Ext./Int.Beam, m 1,30/0,60
!!! diameter is enlarged Buoyancy Tube dia, m 0,35
from 31 to 35см Payload, kg, according to ISO6185-1 190
Max. Person Capacity 1
Air Chambers 2
Max. HP
(for inflatable dinghies, equipped with removable transom)
Stowed dimensions, m 0,80 х 0,4 х 0,2
Weight without slats, kg from PVC 800 gr per sq.m 10
Weight with slats, kg from PVC 800 gr per sq.m 12
Weight of the removable transom, kg 1,5

boat carry bag
boat carry bag (knapsack)
oar lock with oar for inflatable
boat rowlock

 1 person inflatable dinghy Windy is intended for anglers, hunters. Are made in three versions - rowing boat without floorboards (lightened version, cheaper), rowing boat with floorboards (4 boards, inserted into "ammunition belt" glued to boat bottom) and motor boat with detachable transom.

Windy is one of pioneering inflatable dinghies, from which enterprise started more then 16 years ago. During of years these boats were painstakingly worked through, improved. An effect is lightweight, mobility, reliability and reasonable comfort. Everybody, even the elderly person, the fragile woman or the teenager can manage with this inflatable dinghy. Windy without slats weighs only 10 kg.

Windy has a quite good floatage: it allows to ship aboard 190 kg (passenger+ his load).

Inflatable dinghy packing-bag is knapsack. It is handy both for the carrying and for the storage.

the inflation and launching the inflatable dinghy takes 5-7 minutes.

For the reliability and the safety Windy has 2 airtight sections - bow and stern. It allows to oar yourself to the shore safely even if one of sections has got perforation. There are safety ropes along the tubes. The rope-holders are glued on bow and stern of inflatable boat, so that it is possible to fasten the mooring rope or the anchor lines.

Inflatable dinghy's knapsack is made especially somewhat higher than the height of the folded boat so that the place for fishing tackle and things remains. The seat of inflatable dinghy are made from the water-resistant laminated plywood.
The boat oarlocks are durable, with metal oarlock pin (dog-bolt).

Standard equipment: Infatable dinghy comes with a 5 l foot pump, pump adapter, 2 oars with the holders in the oarlock, a repair kit, a printed user’s manual.
Useful boat accessories: bimini top, bow bag for the tackle, the bag-pad (it hangs up under the thwart), life vest, mooring cables, boat anchor...Look at boat accessories

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