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Portable inflatable
fishing & hunting boats (dinghies)

Portable inflatable fishing & hunting boats (dinghies)

These inflatable dinghies are with moderate price, handy, less bulky, lightweight and easy for portage and storage. Reliable and popular with fishers at large, these models are tried with many years of yeoman service to their owners.

1-3 persons inflatable dinghies
- from 7,5 to 19 kg in the knapsack!

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All portable inflatable dinghies are made of reinforced PVC fabric with density 800 gr per square meter

!!! All prices are actual price on condition ExWork Kiev, Ukraine in Euro

Model Inflatable boat description Price

small light inflatable boat Mini


Inflatable boat for one. Knapsack version of the inflatable. Length 1,95 m. Width - 0,95 m. Soft bottom (without slats). The most easy dinghy from counterparts. Weights 7,5 kilos (boat from reinforced PVC fabric with density 800 g/ per sq.meter). For paddles. Mini requires minimum storage space. More fully
small inflatable boat for fishing


Conventional 1 person+child inflatable small dinghy, lightened variant: soft bottom without slats. Length 2,4 m, width 1,10 m. Knapsack packing. The dinghy has sufficient internal space having "baby" weight 10 kg. Windy answers oars perfectly.More fully
inflatable dinghi in knapsack

small inflatable boat in haversack
small inflatable boat for fishing

Windy with slats

More comfortable version of Windy boat. There is the convenient sure footing, usable steady rest for feet- 3 marine waterproof plywood slats in the "pockets" of the inflatable boat bottom. Boat weights 12 kg. More fully
2-man inflatable boat for fishing Fisher


Lightened version of 2-persons small inflatable dinghy intended for pleasure activities. Modest boat weight (14 kg) and convenient knapsack allows fishermen to convey it to any hard-to-reach water. Dinghy's length 2,55 m, width 1,25m.More fully
2-persons small inflatable boat

2-persons small inflatable boat Fisher and jolly crew. Boat Manufacrurer outlaw exceeding the weight carrying capacity of the boat's identification plate
2-man inflatable boat Fisher with slatted bottom

Fisher with slats

A well designed 2-persons small inflatable boats are favorite among the fishermen. Length 2,55 m. 5 marine waterproof plywood slats allow usable firm rest for feet and additional rigidity to the boat hull. The dinghy weights 17 kg. Handy knapsack packing. More fully
2-man inflatable boat Fisher with slatted bottom and motor mount

Fisher with slats and detachable motor bracket

Detachable motor mount allows installing on this inflatable fishing boat an electric or petrol outboard up to 3.5 h.p. Safe and easy handled both with oars and with outboard. This inflatable dinghy is intended for use as yacht tender of for family pleasure where portability is perhaps more important then performance. More fully
Small motor boat Fisher 290

Fisher with slats and transom for outboard

Extended version of Fisher for using with trolling motor or outboard with maximum motor power 6 h.p. This boat is 3-persons . Boat length 2,90ٌ. Weight 23 يك. More about boat...

inflatable Expeditionary boat with slatted bottom

Expeditionary with slats

3-man portable all-purpose rowing inflatable boat with slatted floor. Increased tube diameter let you fell with comfort on riffle water. This roomy inflatable boat mean it be used for family rows, for fishing or hunting. Boat length 3,05 m, weight 19 kg.More fully
inflatable Expeditionary boat with inflatable bottom

Expeditionary with inflatable bottom

This variation of Expeditionary inflatable boat allows to go on a voyage along the river on oars for 3 persons. Usually to that end inflatable thwarts are ordered. Very pleasing for fishing. Boat length 3,05 m, weight 19 kg. More fully

Optional extras for inflatable boats: bimini top; boat tent with clear vinyl windows, covering the campers in the boat from the rain; Outboard cover; Semi Universal Bow Bag For Inflatable; Underseat storage bag with thick cushioned seat; anchor; painter... (throw a glance)

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