Inflatable boats from Ukrainian manufacturer Fiord-Boat: Inflatable fishing boat Jeannine 330 from PVC fabtic Fiord-Boat where can I buy an inflatable fishing boat?

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inflatable fishing boat Jeannine 330

inflatable fishing boat Jeannine 330
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Inflatable fishing boat Jeannine 330

Technical Data

We use boat-quality, Supported Polyester Fabric with PVC coating 1100 gr per sq.m,
Polytex™ (South Korea)
Inflation valves, Equipment : Borika (Ukraine)
CE Certificate:
Ingenieurburo Capt. Muller (Germany),
Shipping Register of Ukraine
Warranty: 2 years from the date of original purchase
Ext./Int. Length, m 3,30/2,40
Ext./Int.Beam, m 1,54/0,68
!!! enlarged diameter Buoyancy Tube dia, m 0,41
from 37 to 41cm Payload, kg, according to ISO6185 500
Max. Person Capacity 3
Air Chambers 3 +inflatable keel
Recommend engine pover, HP 10
Max. outboard HP 15
Stowed dimensions, m 0,95 х 0,60 х 0,35 + 0,85 x 0,6 х 0,1
Weight, kg from PVC 1100 gr per sq.m 31 (boat skin)+22 (floorboards)

motor boat thwart fastening
boat thwart fastening
inflatable boat thwart
boat thwart is fixed very reliably, its hook is tightly clamped by the inflated tube

inflatable boat oarlock
pin style oar lock
inflatable boat flooring
4-sectional marine plywood flooring framed by well adjusted duralumin surrounds
boat flooring
inflatable fishing boat with tent
inflatable fishing boat ready for heavy fall of rain
inflatable fishing boat ready for heavy fall of rain

Boat applicability
According to the rules of Directive 2003/44/EC inflatable boats with such measurements are considered 4-persons. I.e. them have sufficient room for the arrangement and the safe transportation on the water 4 persons. However, as far as the practice of fishing from the boat is concerned, Jeannine 330 is no more then 2-persons boat. The length of the boat cockpit (2,4 m) makes possible for two comfortably to be arranged with its tackle and not to interfere with each other during fishing. Distance between thwarts is 105 cm - spaciously.

Inflatable boats, in principle, are characterized by the increased stability. It is complicated to tip over them, if we use a outboard within admissible power capacity. This inflatable boat, having the normal relation of width and length, isn't an exception. 3 airtight compartments + inflatable keel ensure a sufficient buoyancy reliability: the puncture of any section doesn't threaten by drowning or boat capsizing – boat and everything on-board will remain afloat (if they didn't overload boat). During the motion under outboard it is necessary so that all would sit and would be held for the hand rope of safety, then there is no risk to fall into the drink.


  • Two Carrying handles
  • Combination Bow handle with mooring rope D-ring
  • guiding for the anchor or mooring line on to the bow of the boat (it protects balloon from the abrasion by anchor rope
  • pin style oarlocks
  • drain valve
  • All around rubbing strake for extra protection
  • Boat bottom is protected by rubbing strake
  • Inside and outside transom protector plates
  • fastening for the installation of bow bag or apron
Carry Bags
For convenience of handling the boat is packed in 2 bags: weight is divided into 2 parts: "PVC boat skin" and a folding deck are packed to separate bags. Besides, it excludes damage of boat "PVC skin" by flooring section while packing and transportation. "Skin" packing isn't critical to inaccurate packjob of boat - all will be get into it and will be tightened by belts.

Velocity Performance
Often buyers wish to know, that it to expect, if in pair to a boat they choose the outboard of any certain power. This inflatable boat powered with outboard 8 h.p. with one person onboard develops the 36km/hour maximum speed on smooth water. The outboard 10 h.p. is sufficient to quickly get on plane boat with 2 men with their gear. For planning a three person on-board the 15- h.p. motor is required.
With outboard 5 hp it will be displacement boat. Expected speed - 10-20 km per hour, depending on load. But this motor is quite sufficient for the amateurs of trolling.

Boat assemblage-dismantling
Two persons these problems make short work. Alone – it is possible, but the skill and some experience is necessary. Time-consuming to assemble the boat in tandem is about of 20 min with the foot pump which is delivered with a boat. In the single - it takes twice more time. 4 sections of the flooring are made of the waterproof laminated plywood, edged by the dural profile providing connection of a kind "male-female", metal into the metal. It excludes jamming of adjacent sections when flooring got wet. When sand clogged the joint it is enough to lower connection in water, sections will break up.


Standard equipment: boat comes with a 5l foot pump, pump adapter, 2 oars with the holders in the oarlock, repair kit, printed user’s manual.
Optional boat accessories: bimini top, bow bag for the tackle, the bag-pad (this bag is hung up under the thwart, serves as the cushiony mat on thwart), life vest, mooring cables, boat anchor...Look at boat accessories
inflatable fishing boat Jeannine 330
inflatable tender J330 is very spacious, convenient for fishing together.

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