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JV Fiord-Boat
24, Pshenichnaya str.
03148, Kiev, Ukraine.
tel. 380 44-496-41-52;
380 44-496-41-53

inflatable boats manufacturer


Welcome to the world of Fiord-Boat inflatable boats

Fiord-Boat is a French - Ukrainian company that was founded about 16 years ago. All our activities is bound up with inflatable craft for recreation afloat - boating, fishing, whitewater, (rafting) and water funs, water sports, that makes men happy. It does not mean that we produce only inflatable boats for pleasure or extreme (lightweight inflatable dinghies, sportboats, inflatable towables, ski tubes, rafts and canoes).

We make also yacht tenders and serious professional heavy-duty boats, coast guard patrol boats, military and rescue boats. The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Extreme Situations in Ukraine use our boats.

Our boats meet to the highest standards in Ship Safety: requirements of ISO 6185-1,-2, -3, requirements of the recreational craft Directives 94/25/EC, 2003/44/EC. We have certification from the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Some of our boats have the I.C.N.N. international certificate of France.

We work only with qualitative reinforced material (this material have a inner layer of strong non-stretch polyester or polyamide fabric amidst outer sealing layers). We use both PVC and Hypalon (10 years of guarantee) finest quality fabrics imported from France, Korea (LG). Boat accessories we order from European manufacturers (Scoprega, Ceredi).

Checking the professional qualifications of the personnel enables them to obtain the highest quality and to follow the international ISO 9000 Regulations

To go where you please, to have fun with your family, to get easily afloat, choose the Fiord-Boat inflatables for safety, durability, and easy to maintenance.

Inflatable boats

RIB Lagoon L500 (plesure-boat) on plane inflatable sport boat Fortune F340 inflatable boat Kajan K330 for fishing, hunting

RIB - inflatable boats
with rigid hull

Foldable inflatable versatiles

Roll-up, foldable inflatable tenders




inflatable portable fishing boat (dinghy) inflatable RAFT R490 for whitewater rafting 2-person Recreational Towable boat for water fun

Portable inflatable fishing & hunting boats (dinghies)

Inflatable canoe, RAFTS

Recreational inflatable towables, banana boats

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  • Inflatable dinghies & inflatable tenders (length from 1,95m to 3,3m)
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  • Inflatable sportboats & versatiles, RIBs (length from 3m to 5m)
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  • Inflatable towables, banana - 225K - Load -
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