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Motor Inflatable boat Fortune 320

motor inflatable boat Fortune 320 from PVC fabtic
This model of PVC inflatable was abandoned.
Instead a keel boat Jeannine 330k is currently in production.

To look the price Jeannine 330k, to compare with others

Inflatable Motorboat Fortune 320

Technical Data

We use boat-quality, Supported Polyester Fabric with PVC coating 1100 gr per sq.m, LG (South Korea)
Inflation valves, Equipment : Scoprega, Ceredi (Italy)
CE Certificate:
Ingenieurburo Capt. Muller (Germany),
Shipping Register of Ukraine
Warranty: 2 years from the date of original purchase
Ext./Int. Length, m 3,20/2,13
Ext./Int.Beam, m 1,75/0,81
!!! enlarged diameter Buoyancy Tube dia, m 0,45 tube & 0,40 bow
from 40 to 45cm Payload, kg, according to ISO6185 500
Max. Person Capacity 3
Air Chambers 3 +inflatable keel
Recommend engine pover, HP 15
Max. outboard HP 20
Stowed dimensions, m 1,25 х 0,60 х 0,35
0,95 х 0,60 х 0,15
Weight, kg from PVC 1100 gr per sq.m 24+36

boat thwart fastening

motor boat thwart fastening
boat thwart is fixed very reliably, its hook is tightly clamped by the inflated tube
inflatable boat thwart

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inflatable motor boats F320 ashore
inflatable boats ashore
inflatable boats ashore

Fortune 320 - 3 person inflatable motor boat with keel. It is designed specifically as walking boat for a family, a boat for fishing, rest.

Equipped with 15hp outboard this boat for few seconds takes out on plane 2 persons. Its course is stable, splashes formation is minimum, because of correct form of inflatable keel the motor boat not yawing during the motion among the waves. For amateurs of rapid ride it is necessary to take the outboard not less than 15 hp as the match to this boat.

If you plan to use this boat only for two, have not too distant passages, the outboard 9,9 hp will be completely sufficient for this motor boat. It will be excellent set (boat + outboard) for trolling or jigging. Thus you will save on the price of the outboard.

F320 - very secure boat, practically unsinkable. Its inflatable tube divided into 3 independent compartments + the boat has inflatable keel. Thanks to powerful inflatable tube (45 sm-diameter), features of a design of a flooring this motor boat possesses remarkable longitudinal rigidity that allows it to get up onto the plane quickly and to reach good speed. Keel, in turn, gives directional stability, absence of lateral slippage during turnings.

If we compare this boat with its analog models of the same length, Fortuna 320 has additional 20 cm usable interior space inside cockpit because of the obtuse ends of balloons after the transom. In this case the boat loses in the elegance a little, but it has some more space for the passengers within boat having the same boat length. Narrow lowered ends always "robs" this space, because it is necessary to leave the certain volume of balloon behind the transom, which "helps" fast getting onto plane, forming support behind the boat transom. When choosing a boat, inquire interior space of the models.

The greater the diameter of balloons, the drier in the boat on the wave. In addition to this, high profile rubbing strake along the board cuts off directed toward the top of balloon trickles.

Fiord-Boat always pays attention to that, how it will be convenient to use its boats. Assembling - dismantling are the special processes, which occupies user's time. If the floor sections of boat became wet, it will be no problems with the assembling and the dismantling - wooden sections of boat deck are framed by well adjusted duralumin surrounds. After acquiring some experience, it is possible to assemble boat single-handed. Assembly of boat takes about 20-25 minutes. One of Fortuna's advantages are 2 dural stringers, that effectively secure 3 basic floor section in a longitudinal direction and provide additional rigidity of a boat.

Boat comes in two packings: plywood separately, a boat separately: boat "skin" will not be damaged during packing or transportation. Boat packing is like envelope. It is very convenient, experience-proved: after rolling up the boat, the boat "skin" is covered into the wrapper, fastenings is closed , cord ends are tightened - the boat is stowed.

In order to protect buoyancy tube from attrition caused by anchor line, there is the guides for rope at the bow of inflatable boat.

2 seats and 5 floor sections of motor boat are made from the water-resistant laminated plywood.

Oarlocks have bronze bushing. Oarlocks can serve as fittings for the installation of boat bimini. inflatable boat oarlock

Standard equipment: boat comes with a 5 l foot pump, pump adapter, 2 oars with the holders in the oarlock, repair kit, printed user’s manual.
Optional boat accessories: bimini top, bow bag for the tackle, the bag-pad (this bag is hung up under the thwart, serves as the cushiony mat on thwart), life vest, mooring cables, boat anchor...Look at boat accessories Motor inflatable boat from PVC with boat tent

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